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Sean Davidson (Student)

Before I began taking lessons with Juan I researched him and discovered all of the awards and achievements he had won along with the bands he’d played in so I knew that he was a phenomenal guitarist and musician. What I did not know was how amazing a teacher Juan was.

Over the many years as Juan’s student Juan has not only transformed my guitar and musical ability but has also helped me to find my own voice. He has nourished my creativity and passion for song writing. He truly understands you as a person.

I am so grateful that I chose to have Juan as my teacher and if anyone is reading this I sincerely hope that you decide to go to Juan as well because music is a passion you will have for life and he is a teacher who can instill that passion and allow it to flourish

Paige Brown (Student)

I think Juan is a great guitar teacher because he is very patient with me and is nice. I think he makes music interesting instead of boring. I also think it helps that he likes the same music as me (classic rock).

Paula Brown (student's Parent)

Paige has been taking lessons with Juan for several months now. She has really come a long way and blossomed under his teaching. He has a lot of patience with children and makes it enjoyable for her. Paige sees results quickly and therefore stays interested and motivated because she is learning what she wants to learn, not what she has to learn. Paige had lessons in the past at a different place and in 4 months she didn't even learn one song. I am very pleased with Paige's progress in the short time she has been having lessons with Juan.

Marcia Bennett, Voice Over Artist (Recording artist)

My recording sessions at Ultrasonico Studios working with Juan are ones I will never forget. Juan is a very courteous, funny, and talented person. Juan ... it was an enjoyable recording session as not only was I at ease, but you always gave suggestions on how to make the piece more effective. Your mixing / editing was impeccable. So much so that the two professionals that I presented to (an animation actress / director and a former manager of audio production) loved my demo. One had said, "good engineer!" and the other, "tell the producer that his work is masterful". Thank you so much!

Layne and Karen Chitan (Recording artist)

Our first meeting with Juan was very warm and we felt comfortable right off the bat. Kaiziah was also very comfortable with Juan and the studio’s cleanliness and comfort. She was thrilled when she heard that Ultrasonico would be our studio of choice. Our producer was also very pleased, comfortable and happy with the studio, engineer, working relationship and music quality. We are very happy with the final recording. It’s a job well done and we enjoyed the whole process and experience thoroughly. We were pleasantly surprised with the time spent in the studio and the outcome. We have already recommended Juan and Ultrasonico Studios to five people who are new recording artists and we are confident that with our recommendation their choice will be Ultrasonico. Thanks for the very first recording of our daughter’s career. The first should always be special and it was. GOD BLESS!

Kyle Slater from Thick and Thin (Recording artist)

Recording at Ultrasonico Studios was an experience I will never forget. Every aspect from entering the first day till the day I had my recording in my hand, was a fulfilled adventure. Juan worked with me to tweak my work, and motivated my band members and I to fulfill our desired sound. Ultrasonico Studios provides a professional yet comfortable environment where I felt calm and relaxed. Juan’s ambition and creativity for music was reflected in our finished product. When recording at Ultrasonico Studios, you leave inspired and wanting more. I currently take lessons from Juan as a result from my band’s recording session.

Susan & Paul Goostrey (student's Parents)

Our son Taylor has taken guitar lessons with Juan for the past six years. Under Juan’s expert tutelage he has progressed from learning how to hold a guitar and play simple songs up to performing increasingly difficult solos, forming a band and writing his own songs! We’ve been extremely impressed by Taylor’s accomplishments and know that part of his success can be directly attributed to Juan and the way that he teaches. As a teacher, Juan is second-to-none – he bubbles with enthusiasm for his craft and is skilled at making the student feel comfortable. He is unfailingly supportive and encouraging and makes learning fun. There wasn’t a day in the past six years that Taylor didn’t look forward to his lesson. We have sung Juan’s praises repeatedly over the years and recommended him to anyone that we knew was interested in playing the guitar. We really can’t say enough about him!

Nadia Keshwar (student's Parent)

My son has been a student of Juan’s for the last 3 years. Julian was a beginner when he started. Juan motivates Julian to challenge himself. He teaches him proper technique and essential theory. Julian goes home after each class and is motivated to master the homework that Juan has given him. We all enjoy his lessons. Juan has given Julian the confidence to play for family gatherings as well as dabbling in a band with his friends. He loves playing the guitar and showing off what he has learned. Thanks, Juan!

Janet and Dave Green (student's Parents)

5 years ago, when our daughter Christine expressed an interest in playing guitar at age 8, we signed her up for lessons right away. We realized, at her age, it may be a passing interest, and she may only learn a couple of songs, but encouraged her anyway. Little did we realize our good fortune when Juan was her first teacher. Not only is Juan talented, patient and supportive, he has been able to inspire Christine to continue to stretch and improve her abilities. He has a way of challenging students without pressure. We truly believe her success in discovering and developing her talent, is wholly due to Juan’s teaching and mentoring abilities. As we watched Christine grow and continue to love playing the guitar, we decided to see if Juan could also work with our son. Andrew has Aspergers Syndrome and working with him can be challenging at times. With Juan’s guidance, Andrew has learned how to play the drums with considerable success. The self confidence this experience has given him is immeasurable. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity of this outstanding talent teaching, sharing and guiding our children. Juan really connects with his students, he celebrates their successes and understands their performance doubts and fears. He has helped them prepare for talent shows, and is at all times honest, professional and an outstanding role model. Our 25 year old son has recently started lessons with Juan after realizing the he was having difficulty keeping up with his little sister. He appreciates the flexible lesson times and the customized content of the session.

Andrew Green, (Student)

I have been having drum lessons with Juan for almost 4 years. He is very easy to understand and lets me learn any song I want. He never gets mad me. He shows me all kinds of other important things, like tuning my drums and how to read music. Since my lessons with Juan, I can listen to music differently and hear all the instruments. I understand timing and stuff. My friends think I am the best drummer ever. I like lessons with Juan.

Christine Green, (Student)

I feel so lucky to have Juan as my guitar teacher. He has been teaching me for about 5 years and I think I really stuck with it because of him. He makes learning fun and easy, but you have to practice a lot. He has a lot of knowledge about the music business and always has great tips for helping with confidence. Juan shows me techniques that look and sound really good. I enjoy playing for my friends. They are impressed with what I can do. I will always love playing guitar.

Christine Raynor (student's Parent)

We have known Juan for five years and both of our teenage sons have had rock guitar lessons from him during this time. We love the fact that Juan comes to our home, is always on time with a smile on his face, is friendly and approachable. Our older son is now at University and plays his guitar to a high standard, thanks to Juan. He is playing in a band in Peterborough and rarely goes anywhere without his guitar. Our younger son still has his lessons and is improving in leaps and bounds and has enthusiasm and dedication to regular practice. He plays his guitar every day and has great ambitions to learn as many of the classic rock songs as possible. Juan is a very pleasant, patient and positive teacher who possesses amazing musical skill. He treats our sons as equals, which, in my view, is the way to get the best out of teenagers. Juan encourages his students to pick their own projects, with guidance and suggestions, and to work at their own pace. He has been an excellent influence and a great person to get to know. My sons both like Juan very much and developed a good relationship with him - they think he is very cool and particularly respect the fact that he is sharing his knowledge and love of music by teaching, as well as continuing to be a professional musician and follow his dream.






Barry MacIntyre, Guitarist & Composer (Recording artist)

Juan makes recording so easy and fun. I was played the bass, lead and acoustic tracks and Juan added the drum tracks. Juan's recording program allows him to add effects so you don't need to bring all your pedals. He has excellent equipment too so you just need to bring your instruments and have fun. Juan's state of the art recording studio has a great atmosphere and made me sound like a pro. Juan said to just play through any mistakes I made and then he could go back and I could rerecord that section. I didn't realize that this could be done so it took a lot of pressure of me to perform flawlessly. It was fun and exciting to see and hear my song come together on a professionally recorded CD. Juan is very generous with his time and talent and if you are looking for someone to help you piece your song together or just record exactly what you have, then Juan is your man.

Duztyn Leonard, Joel Beaulieu & Matt Laffrenier from Angel Falls (Recording artist)

Juan is an impressive producer and an impressive musician. Recording at Ultrasonico Studios was an awesome experience and we are looking forward to working with Juan again.

Adam.Gaboury (Student)

Juan Coronado is an amazing guitar teacher that will help you develop your guitar skills to unprecedented levels. Juan’s knowledge and understanding of guitar is unsurpassed and his ability to play the guitar is mind blowing. Juan lives and breathes music and has much experience in the music world. Guitar legend Joe Satrani congratulates Juan on his guitar playing and music. Just check him out on his website his guitar playing and accomplishments are astounding.

Personally I have known Juan since I was 9 years old and have been taking guitar lessons with him for about 8 years. He took me from being a 9 year old with a dream to a kid who can really play the guitar in less than a year. I have found my first band there and have achieved so much with guitar playing with Juan’s help. Each and every time I see him I get better and I must say that he is by far the best and most creative guitar teacher I have ever had. He is personable guy, motivating, very knowledgeable, very easy going and in my opinion the coolest guitar teacher out there. He will teach you the in and outs of playing guitar and make you the best you can be. If you want to learn sweeps and various techniques, create a band, how to solo like Slash, learn a song you can only dream of playing or learn how to create your own creative music, Juan is the guy you want to see.

David L. (Student)

I'm writing this testimonial as much as praise for Juan both as a teacher and a musician, as I am for others who have found themselves 'stuck' after many years of playing guitar, as I had been. I've been playing guitar for some 30 or more (ok 'more'!) years. I'm the guy who plays around campfires or in my yard with friends singing along to both long-ago familiar tunes to some of today's songs. I've long known open and bar chords, a few licks and riffs but have forever dreamed of being able to play lead solos and, even more, to be able to improvise solos. So many of us long-time 'strummers' have long held the same dream whenever we see a decent lead guitarist hammering out a well known solo or improvising on stage. Then, if like me, you learn part of a pentatonic scale or two thanks to YouTube or some guitar site and wonder, forever, how it is that one actually uses those scale notes to truly make music beyond an additional lick or two. So, I had tried teacher after teacher who all seemed more than musically capable and swore that they could teach me exactly what I wanted to learn. Suddenly, it's 35 years later and I kind of accepted the 'fact' that I'll forever be that campfire/backyard/living room strummer, playing Brown Eyed Girl on my acoustic or just hammer out my 'ok' version of Johnny B. Goode or Taking Care of Business on my electric. Then I met Juan. Both my belief in what I could do and learn and my ability to actually progress changed .. forever. What an amazing learning experience the last couple of years or so has been. In a heartbeat would I suggest that if you are serious about learning, I mean REALLY learning, go to Juan. Believe me, go to Juan. Why am I such a fan? He is as engaging as he is knowledgeable. Possibly THE best musical talent I have ever personally known. Most importantly, he immediately tunes into what you need to learn in order for you to reach your personal musical goals. I have tried likely a dozen or more teachers over the years. All perfectly fine musicians; never one who had the innate ability to SHARE that level of knowledge. Never. Juan is a musician exraordinaire but he is a true master at teaching. Quick with a smile and a laugh, his personality makes the process so much easier still. Over 30 years of strumming and he has taught me things I didn't even know could be done on the guitar. I have learned more about this instrument I am so passionate about in a couple of years with Juan than I had in the previous 30 years. And if you're a little further progressed than I was when I started with Juan and think you can already solo or you think you know 'all the chords or scales', think again! Juan will bring you to the next level of your playing. Then you'll learn more still. Period. Beginner or professional, let Juan into your musical life and you'll be thanking me!

CJ “CuJ” Foster (Recording artist)

t was really great working with Juan at the studio. I am currently working on a hip-hop project and it was great to have all the input Juan gave me when rapping/singing. The atmosphere is great and it is very comforting. My end product of the two songs I recorded turned out exceptional. I am really looking forward to recording more music at the studio and completing more projects there.

George Gilewski WRO (Recording artist)

If you're planning on recording at Ultrasonico, there's a few things to expect.
First, you'll be welcomed by one of the most talented, sincere people you'll ever meet, Juan Coronado. He has a way of making you feel comfortable from beginning, through to final mix. Not to mention the studio environment. A clean, warm layout, equipped with everything you could possibly need to produce a high quality, professionally mixed finished product you inevitably will be proud to call your own.
Expect your music to rise to a new level you might not have imagined. That's directly attributed to Juan's professional approach as a producer and editor. We couldn't be happier with our finished tracks. Juan's ability to add ideas to each track gave a fresh approach we were unable to see simply because as musicians we tend to focus on individual parts where Juan's forte is to look at the big picture and contribute to that picture.
We look forward to working at Ultrasonico again in the near future and would recommend the same to anyone considering the same.

Josh Pankrac (Student)

Juan, I want to thank you for everything. I really feel that I have had the opportunity to learn from the very best. You truly made learning enjoyable and easy. I must say that overall, it was a perfect experience.

Matthew Marchione (Student)

I take guitar lessons from Juan. I like Juan as a teacher because he is very nice and he encourages me. He is also a very good guitar player and teaches me everything that I want to learn. I also like Juan because he teaches me lots of new things. I think that he is very friendly and funny. I really like being able to learn songs from bands that I like such as Green Day, Simple Plan, AC/DC and Bon Jovi. I also think Juan is cool because he is in a rock band and has even made a CD!

Pennie Marchione (student's Parent)

I chose to go with Juan for my son's first music teacher based on the information on his website, his experience, the fact that he has had many bands, and was young enough that my 8 year old son would think he was "cool". I was right! From day one, Juan showed extreme patience with my son, and related to him so well. In addition to being able to clearly lay the groundwork to music theory and guitar playing, Juan is able to break down any song my son suggests, and put it into terms that are easy as well as interesting for my son to learn without becoming frustrated. Juan shows incredible talent in the area of music as well as teaching. I think taking lessons in Juan's studio is a bonus because it's exciting for kids to see the mechanics of making music while they're learning to play an instrument. Juan provides an inviting environment for my son to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and make mistakes as well as celebrating every success he had, no matter how minor. Matthew loves to brag to his friends about his "awesome" guitar teacher. We would, and have, recommended Juan highly for any type of music lesson.





Karin & Bryan Grice (student's Parents)

We are so grateful to have Juan teaching our son, Rowan. We always knew Rowan was talented but until Juan, it was so hard to find someone that would take someone that young seriously. Most people just see a little kid and don't really know what to do with him. Juan gives him challenges that he has to work at yet encourages him so that has the confidence to do it. Juan has also shown Rowan how much fun it is to learn. Because of Juan, Rowan has started to really appreciate what he can do. Juan helped him record his own song and this has let Rowan see that the possibilities are endless! We always have given Rowan the choice of whether or not he will be taking lessons each September. As he is now on his third year with Juan, I think that speaks volumes! Thanks again!

Doug Hunter (Student)

I have been taking lessons with Juan for two years now and am impressed with Juan's attention to technique and his knowledge of theory. He teaches in a fun and relaxed environment and as a result, my playing has improved greatly. I feel fortunate to have a teacher of Juan's caliber and plan to be a student of his for a very long time.

Claudette, Daniel and Victoria Van Sickle, Vocalists (Recording artist)

Juan and Ultrasonico Studios gave my two teenage kids and myself an experience that we will cherish for ever. The 20 hours of recording time flew by because Juan made it so enjoyable for us. Juan - thank you for giving us this opportunity and thank you for your input and expertise at making sure the mix of our voices and instrumentation were just right. This experience has brought us even closer as a family and we are grateful. We also want to thank you for participating with your amazing talent on guitar in "JOYFUL, JOYFUL". We can't wait to give this special gift to our family and friends. It truly was a memorable experience. Until the next time, thanks Juan!!!!!

Alex Headley, Singer-songwriter (Recording artist)

I started recording at Ultrasonico Studios last November. I’m a singer/songwriter and had been looking for a place to record my original material for some time. Luckily, I discovered Juan Coronado and Ultrasonico Studios on the Internet. I sent him an email out of curiosity, just to see what Ultrasonico was all about. That’s when Juan’s wife, Lily, messaged me back saying, “Juan’s got some free time Saturday. Why don’t you come check us out!” .When I met Juan, the first thing that struck me was how genuinely interested he was in my project. He had a quiet confidence that put me at ease. With his musical insight and experience, Juan helped me create a game plan for recording sessions with one goal: to make my songs a reality. I can’t stress enough how comfortable it is recording with Juan. As a sound engineer, he masterfully captures the essence of your sound. Whatever your vibe, Juan gets it! In my case, Juan also had a great feel for my overall vision and made timely suggestions that really enhanced my work. Juan is an incredibly generous and gifted producer, but at the same time, he keeps you front and centre. “It’s like you’re a cake” Juan tells me. “You bring the substance and I help with the decorations.”Currently, my album is a work in progress with vocals, backing vocals and rhythm instrumentation recorded for all thirteen tracks. These songs have exceeded my expectations, and now I’m adding drums and bass to many of them. Without Juan’s expertise, recognizing the many possibilities and directions for these songs would have been much more difficult. Ultrasonico is a comfortable, productive and inspiring environment where great ideas take shape. If you have a vision, bring it to Juan; he has an ear for it. Together, you can make it happen.

Josh Paddon, (Student)

My name is Josh and I am 15 years old. I have been taking lessons with Juan for 2 1/2 years now and the experience has been greatly rewarding. In the first week of my lessons I learned more than I did taking lessons for a year at my previous lessons studio. Juan has taught me how to enrich my guitar skills greatly by showing me exercises and bands to adhere my skills to. I will be returning in September to continue my guitar lessons with Juan. I am currently taking summer lessons with Juan. He is teaching me how to contribute my sense of time and rhythm to play the drums. I am looking forward to furthering my skills of music with Juan. He is one of the easiest people to learn from because he shows you what you need to do in order further your knowledge of music. I hope you take the opportunity to take some lessons with Juan so you can gain knowledge with the instrument of your choice in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Per and Ruth Sigfridsson (student's Parents)

Juan’s way of using his students’ own music to teach technique and theory is impressive. After two weeks, my son had no idea he was practicing chords, scales, and arpeggios - he was just jamming with Guns and Roses. Now, a year and a bit later, he is still loving every minute of it, and we are shocked by how much he has learned. Juan, you are our “Guitar Hero.”

Terry and Noah Talbot (student's Parents)

My son Noah and I have so enjoyed guitar lessons with Juan. Noah is a beginner and I've seen great progress in his playing over the past few months. We video taped some of his first practice sessions at home, and we have seen such an improvement from when he first started. Juan has been very patient teaching Noah, as well as being able to challenge him to keep up regular practice.
I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and Juan opened up a whole new realm of guitar playing for me. After all these years I finally have the knowledge to get my fingers to play the music I've heard my mind create. I have great appreciation for Juan's breadth of guitar/musical knowledge; in a very short time he was able to evaluate my skill and teach me what I wanted to know, without me really being able to articulate what I was looking to learn.
Whether you are a beginner, or trying to add some licks to your chords, I highly recommend Juan Coronado.

Tom and Yvonne Pankrac (student's Parents)

We just wanted to acknowledge what a great experience it has been for our son Josh, taking lessons from Juan. Juan is truly a master in his field. Josh will often come home excited about the new things he learned, and the compliments and encouraging remarks that Juan would say to him. He spends a lot of his free time on his guitar both alone and with friends. It has been great to see him embrace a hobby so enthusiastically and we have Juan to thank for this. From the first day we called Ultrasonico Studios, it has been a pleasure. Juan has encouraged in Josh a love of music and we appreciate all that your music studio offers.

Mark Robinson (student's Parent)

My son has been taking guitar lessons with Juan at Ultrasonico Studios. Eric was in need of a teacher to take him to the next level. Juan turned out to be this teacher and more. His ability goes beyond the teaching itself – it extends to being able to bring out the best in Eric. Juan is a great teacher and I wish him continued success. Buy his new album Renewal. I have my copy ... it rocks!

Greg Smith (Student)

There is no question that taking lessons with Juan has made me a much better guitar player. He and I worked on my technique for a good majority of the time I spent with him. We analyzed and broke down all the little things that I needed to improve. My technique is now much better, and I can do things that I never thought I'd be able to do before meeting Juan. Not only is he a great musician, but a great guy. He always seemed to be more concerned about the music and his students, rather than the business aspect of things. Not only would I recommend taking lessons from Juan, but I would strongly encourage anyone as serious as he is to go study guitar with him. Thanks for everything Juan.

Barry MacIntyre (Student)

I've been a student of Juan's for over a year now and I've loved every minute. Juan is unselfish with his talent and knows how to approach every guitar player and his or her style. He has helped me become a better lead guitar player and even helped me write an instrumental tune which he recorded for me in his studio. Juan is the best teacher I've ever had (I've had 3 in the past) because he listened to me play and then we discussed where I wanted to go with my playing. He built on the skills and techniques I already had and helped me improve my playing immensely. He did this by giving me exercises, some music theory, licks and songs to practice that helped me create new ideas on the guitar and thus allowing me to ad lib when I jammed with my friends or tried to figure out guitar leads in songs. The atmosphere in Juan's studio is very warm and inviting. He uses his recording studio rather than some storage room in a music store with two chairs inside. Juan has all the latest effects and equipment which makes his lessons fun and exciting. Juan is a true professional. He is excellent at teaching, recording and getting the best out of his students. You would be hard pressed to find another teacher that could give you the quality, expertise, fun and excitement that Juan delivers each and every lesson.